Google: Kaskus Most Popular Site in Indonesia

"I believe that the key factors in Kaskus' success lies in its variety of information"

Kamis, 23 September 2010, 10:30
  (Facebook milik Andrew Kaskus)

VIVAnews - The largest online community in Indonesia, Kaskus, is listed in 1,000 world's top sites arranged by Google AdPlanner released in August of 2010. Compared to July, Kaskus hikes over 216 levels from 755 to 539.

The site, developed by three Indonesian students in Seattle, US, around 11 years ago, records 6.2 million unique visitors along August with an estimated page views of 230 million. It equals in position with (533rd), (538th), (541st), and (542nd).

Nonetheless, as for page view issue, Kaskus outstrips four other said sites.

"Kaskusers (attributed to the members of Kaskus) are known as loyal users. I believe that the key factors in Kaskus' success lies in its variety of information," said Andrew Darwis, founder and administrator of during an interview with VIVAnews in Jakarta, Sept 22.

Initially intended as a media of inter-individual interactions, Kaskus now shares millions of information. "It's a site of user-generated contents. Everyone in Kaskus used to sharing opinions through online forums," said Andrew.

"Not to mention its trading forum. It encourages Kaskusers to make money easily. Moreover, end-to-end transactions make lower prices in Kaskus as no ads charges are applied," he said.

Kaskus now develops into the largest online community in Indonesia having total users of more than two million. Around 227 million posts are produced on the site.


Translated by: Bonardo Maulana W

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